Five Soft Skills

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Have you ever been held back from exiting your comfort zone due to your crippling emotions?

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The mere thought of trying out a bold new challenge had you feeling a surge of anxiety. Muscle tension, weak knees, dry mouth, warm face, sweaty palms and a rapid heartbeat.

Soon enough, you began to preplan your failures. You visualized how everyone would judge you once you failed. The thoughts and emotions began to overwhelm you.

After much overthinking, you decide to talk yourself out of leaving your comfort zone.

You quit, even before you started.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does. This is a feeling that haunts the majority of the population on our planet.

Anxiety is at an all-time high

Anxiety is the number one mental health issue in North America. Roughly one third of the adult North American population experiences anxiety unwellness issues. On the global stage, anxiety affects over 300 million people.

This feeling is so terrifying that people will go out of their way to avoid challenging themselves. They cower at the thought of trying something new.

They cower at the presence of the intense emotions.

They cower at the sight of being laughed at.

The result?

An average life.

What about you?

Has your anxiety been holding you back?

Do you feel that the dark emotions have a control over your life?

Do you run away, or run towards your fear?

If you have been doing what the mass majority has been doing, then you have been playing it safe. No one can blame you though. Everyone is doing it for a reason. They are playing it safe, because it is easy.

But pause.

Take a second to imagine your future

You have now been playing it safe for many years. Each year that you add to your life is no different than the prior year. You see many of your old friends moving up, doing big things, stacking up accomplishments.

But you?

The complete opposite. You are not moving forward one bit. You are simply on autopilot mode. Your extended level of comfort has put a dagger into the heart of your ambition.

That fire you once had is no more.

Does that sound appealing to you?

I’ll let you answer that.

But guess what?

This scenario does NOT have to be a part of your future. You simply need to take charge of your life.

There are a few people on this planet that do not want to be like the majority. Mediocrity terrifies them. They want to become special.

While everyone is settling into their comfort zone, this special group is devising new ways to exit it.

What is the comfort zone?

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As of right now, the status quo indicates that the ceiling for your success is a competency over a few hard skills.

You know —the teachable technical skills that will make you a living. Society has conditioned you into believing this is your ceiling. While in reality, this ‘ceiling’ is simply a disguise for your comfort zone.

Hard skills are merely level one of the bigger picture. However, once people have a few hard skills added to their talent stack, they give themselves a pat on the back and cease any further growth.

They become content. The journey has ended.

But for the ambitious ones?

The journey is just beginning. Once they have a few hard skills under their belt, they are off to level up further.

They begin the journey to master the modern day superpowers: The Soft Skills

Welcome to the next level.

The journey to your grandest self

The hard skills are the technical talents and the soft skills are the interpersonal talents. Once you have taken the initiative to have both in your talent stack, you create a massive synergy that skyrockets your growth.

Each soft skill that you add to your arsenal elevates you closer to your grandest self. You are given the ability to communicate harmoniously with the world, think on a larger scale than your peers and be the leader of innovative solutions.

A soft skill is no different than any other skill

You simply learn, practice and master it. Plus, just like any other skillset, consistent practice leads to exponential development.

Each day you are on your journey, you create a massive gap between you and your counterparts. Each day you learn the soft skills, you gain access to a modern day super power.

Having a superpower will have you chuckling at your past. How could you have possibly been so terrified of trying something new when the feeling of accomplishment was so exhilarating?

You feel more confident than ever.

Which soft skill is the best for you?

There are many soft skills to learn from, but a few of the mightiest are:

  • Storytelling
  • Public Speaking
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence

These skills are universally desired qualities in leaders, innovators and legends.

Take a glance into your new life

Let’s go ahead and take one more look into your future.

This time, you realize that the comfort zone is your number one enemy.

So you work on your hard skills to make the most out of your comfort zone. But now you learn the soft skills to shatter your comfort zone. You create a new ceiling.

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  • Your public speaking gives you the power to wield your voice with the utmost confidence in front of the grandest stages.
  • Your storytelling allows you to present information in such a compelling manner that you are able to stick out in virtually any niche.
  • Your creativity has your brain thinking bigger than ever. Your newfound innovative thinking patterns have led you into taking massive actions in your daily life.
  • Your emotional intelligence allows you to regulate your dark anxious emotions into positive, healthy, productive energy. You now rule over the dark emotions that once ruled you.
  • Your social intelligence has you shaking hands with the right people from all around the planet, skyrocketing your evolution.

That is what true growth can look like.

And that is what your future can look like.

Will the journey be easy?

Absolutely not. This journey will require you to have grit, work ethic and passion. Creating a new ceiling for yourself is no easy task.

But is it worth it?


Personal Branding Examples

Why should you listen to me?

All of my knowledge of the soft skills are learned through firsthand experience.

I am the former External Vice President of the public speaking club, Toastmasters. While serving in this leadership position, I had the opportunity to mentor many students from different cultures and help them overcome their speech anxiety.

I have built up my personal brand by directly applying my storytelling and creativity principles to my content.


Rapid rise in influence on a global level in a matter of months. My content has generated thousands of followers on Twitter and hundreds of subscribers to my email list.

The social and emotional intelligence principles I preach in my content have been directly applied to my life.

These principles have allowed me to personally grab control over my social anxiety and other dark emotions.

I once felt that life was happening to me.


I have evolved. I know I have full control over my life. Plus, I have included testimonials from a few of my clients. Every day on Twitter, I provide insights, philosophy, practical tips and exercises for the 5 soft skills.

Thus far, I have shared over 10,000 unique thoughts that will get you started.

What you can expect from me

My tweets will get you warmed up for your journey. However, the content is strategically geared for my lifestyle. You are a different person than me.

I would now like to help custom design ways to help another human being on their journey. Therefore, I am working with a few students to help guide them in the right direction for the soft skill of their choice.

Our sessions will be highly interactive. Instead of telling you directly what to think, I aim to teach you how to think by asking you strategic questions. This process leads to a long-term impact on your life.

Once you have internalized a few ideas, we will hammer those thoughts home with practical tips and exercises. You will be responsible for carrying out these exercises after our session. In addition, you will be given personalized insights, challenges to expect in your journey and mentality training.

There will be absolutely no handholding in the process.

What you do with that knowledge afterward is solely your responsibility. Your hunger for success will not be shown during our sessions; it will be shown after.

If you consider yourself to be someone who is ready for the next big challenge in your life, then set up a Skype consultation with me today and I will get you started on your new journey.

The journey to your most confident self.

How You Benefit


Speak dynamically and effectively communicate your message to your audience.

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Create and tell engaging stories that will keep your audience hanging on to your every word.

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Become an influential leader by understanding inter personal relationships and group behavior.

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Express your self, embrace your originality, and create unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

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Control and express your emotions in a way that makes handling interpersonal relationships feel like a breeze.

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I had a 30 minute call with Armani a week ago, and it absolutely changed the game for me. He gave me a couple of useful, actionable tips which have already paid dividends. I’m more confident, affable, and people seem to really be enjoying my live streams & videos, after applying the exercises which Armani recommended. If you’re thinking of working with Armani – do it. It’ll have an instant, tangible benefit to you and your business.

Ryan holmer
Speech Evaluation
dylan madden
Speech Evaluation

Armani’s one of the few people online that can truly level you up. Whether it’s showing you a few simple tweaks that enhance your creativity. Or like in my case helping me improve my presence on camera. My recommendation isn’t given to just anyone. No matter where you’re at in life he will help you get from A to B quickly.

I recently participated in a podcast episode. As I later listened to the final, edited podcast, I realized that my speaking skills had become rusty. I was not pleased with myself and knew I needed immediate improvement. Having gotten to know Arman on Twitter, I sought him out for a consultation session to help me sharpen my skills for future engagements. I consulted with Arman and he helped me greatly. Arman is an accomplished and engaging young man with amazing speaking and interpersonal skills. My time with Arman was truly a pleasure and I most highly recommend him. Johnny Noble.

Johnny noble
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danny roars
Social Dynamics

After a 45 minute Skype call with Arman, I was able to make adjustments to social situations that I had previously not given much thought to. His approach is tailored specifically towards each individual. Arman gives different advice for introverts and extroverts. In my case, as someone who is both introverted and extroverted (depending on the situation), Arman was able to give specific, actionable tactics on how to improve myself in social situations. I’ve never had a conversation with him that didn’t result in learning something. Highly recommended!

Armani’s storytelling and creativity exercises were a great boost and helped me get past a problem point I had in my plot development. Also, one of his tips on creativity had the surprising benefit of making me a faster and more productive non-fiction writer. Armani knows his stuff when it comes to unleashing creative productivity, and an hour spent with him is well worth it if you take your craft seriously.

Ed Latimore
James Holt
Speech Evaluation

Armani’s consult clearly laid out where I can still improve my public speaking. I always thought I was pretty good (and Armani agrees, thankfully), but there is always room for growth. His evaluation pinpointed exactly what I need to work on and even gave me the daily exercises to do so. I highly recommend you invest in getting an evaluation done if you’re serious about improving your public speaking. Such a valuable skill…it’s still unbelievable to me that I went 19 years without getting any proper coaching on it.

Arman is a social expert who taught me a lot about creativity and improving my presentation. He’s very easy to talk to and knows how to diagnose any need for improvement and give you the tools to improve. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve their presenting skills in particular.

Joe Lugar
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I got in touch with Armani when he had just a few hundred twitter followers. Just scrolling through his tweets I could tell he was the real deal. I messaged him and asked if he’d be able to give me some advice to help me improve my “on camera” game for Periscope and YouTube. Just a few hours later he sent me an entire report analyzing the good and the bad, and gave me a ridiculous amount of actionable advice for improving my speaking on camera. I can’t thank Armani enough. If you’re looking to become a better communicator, he’s your guy.

As the CEO of Kashmir Nutrition, a ketogenic supplement company, we take pride in our ability to make great products that taste good and that are very effective. But you will not be able to please every person that buys your products and that is something I underestimated starting out. After talking with Arman of ArmaniTalks, I was able to implement what he calls “Perspective Shifting”. When I get a 1 star review, instead of getting mad or upset, I immediately put myself in the other person’s mind to see what he saw and to feel his pain. This allows me to give that person great 1 on 1 customer service and address his issue with our product. Every interaction like this is an opportunity to increase my ability to spread great customer service at Kashmir Nutrition through word of mouth. Thanks to Arman, I’m able to think in this way automatically and it’s already paying major dividends!

Sabith Maliackal
Emotional Intelligence