I had a 30 minute call with Armani a week ago, and it absolutely changed the game for me. He gave me a couple of useful, actionable tips which have already paid dividends. I’m more confident, affable, and people seem to really be enjoying my live streams & videos, after applying the exercises which Armani recommended. If you’re thinking of working with Armani – do it. It’ll have an instant, tangible benefit to you and your business.

Ryan holmer
Speech Evaluation
dylan madden
Speech Evaluation

Armani’s one of the few people online that can truly level you up. Whether it’s showing you a few simple tweaks that enhance your creativity. Or like in my case helping me improve my presence on camera. My recommendation isn’t given to just anyone. No matter where you’re at in life he will help you get from A to B quickly.

I recently participated in a podcast episode. As I later listened to the final, edited podcast, I realized that my speaking skills had become rusty. I was not pleased with myself and knew I needed immediate improvement. Having gotten to know Arman on Twitter, I sought him out for a consultation session to help me sharpen my skills for future engagements. I consulted with Arman and he helped me greatly. Arman is an accomplished and engaging young man with amazing speaking and interpersonal skills. My time with Arman was truly a pleasure and I most highly recommend him. Johnny Noble.

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danny roars
Social Dynamics

After a 45 minute Skype call with Arman, I was able to make adjustments to social situations that I had previously not given much thought to. His approach is tailored specifically towards each individual. Arman gives different advice for introverts and extroverts. In my case, as someone who is both introverted and extroverted (depending on the situation), Arman was able to give specific, actionable tactics on how to improve myself in social situations. I’ve never had a conversation with him that didn’t result in learning something. Highly recommended!

Armani’s storytelling and creativity exercises were a great boost and helped me get past a problem point I had in my plot development. Also, one of his tips on creativity had the surprising benefit of making me a faster and more productive non-fiction writer. Armani knows his stuff when it comes to unleashing creative productivity, and an hour spent with him is well worth it if you take your craft seriously.

Ed Latimore

Arman is a social expert who taught me a lot about creativity and improving my presentation. He’s very easy to talk to and knows how to diagnose any need for improvement and give you the tools to improve. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve their presenting skills in particular.

Joe Lugar
Creativity and Speech Evaluation
Nate Schmidt
Speech Evaluation

I got in touch with Armani when he had just a few hundred twitter followers. Just scrolling through his tweets I could tell he was the real deal. I messaged him and asked if he’d be able to give me some advice to help me improve my “on camera” game for Periscope and YouTube. Just a few hours later he sent me an entire report analyzing the good and the bad, and gave me a ridiculous amount of actionable advice for improving my speaking on camera. I can’t thank Armani enough. If you’re looking to become a better communicator, he’s your guy.

James Holt
Speech Evaluation

Armani’s consult clearly laid out where I can still improve my public speaking. I always thought I was pretty good (and Armani agrees, thankfully), but there is always room for growth. His evaluation pinpointed exactly what I need to work on and even gave me the daily exercises to do so. I highly recommend you invest in getting an evaluation done if you’re serious about improving your public speaking. Such a valuable skill…it’s still unbelievable to me that I went 19 years without getting any proper coaching on it.

As the CEO of Kashmir Nutrition, a ketogenic supplement company, we take pride in our ability to make great products that taste good and that are very effective. But you will not be able to please every person that buys your products and that is something I underestimated starting out. After talking with Arman of ArmaniTalks, I was able to implement what he calls “Perspective Shifting”. When I get a 1 star review, instead of getting mad or upset, I immediately put myself in the other person’s mind to see what he saw and to feel his pain. This allows me to give that person great 1 on 1 customer service and address his issue with our product. Every interaction like this is an opportunity to increase my ability to spread great customer service at Kashmir Nutrition through word of mouth. Thanks to Arman, I’m able to think in this way automatically and it’s already paying major dividends!

Sabith Maliackal
Emotional Intelligence

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